The summer months are right around the corner! That means lots of family trips, days at the beach and toasty evening campfires. Don’t let problems with your braces put a damper on your time with family and friends! Below are a few helpful tips to keep your braces happy and problem free while away from home.

 Pack an emergency kit

First and foremost, we want you to be prepared! Most orthodontic emergencies can easily be dealt with at home. Pack a small kit including the following items:

WAX – when dealing with long wires, irritating buttons or broken brackets wax is one of the best temporary remedies for discomfort. For our Invisalign patients, wax can also be used on a sharp edge of an Invisalign aligner. If you are out of wax, it can be found at any local drugstore or supermarket. You can also always stop in at the office prior to your vacation and pick some up! Pro tip: dry the area off before placing the wax, it will have more staying power!

PENCIL WITH AN ERASER – Sometimes wires slide in the brackets and can extend on one side of your mouth. If this happens, simply use an eraser on a pencil to push the wire back into place. 

NAIL CLIPPERS/WIRE CUTTER – Lighter wires can easily be cut with nail clippers or wire cutters, heavier wires may damage your cutters! If you do not know if your wire is suitable to be trimmed at home, give our office a call. We can walk you through the process! Be sure to disinfect anything used in your mouth prior to use with alcohol.

Last but not least, don’t forget your toothbrush, floss and any additional oral hygiene aids you may be using! There are no vacations from cleaning your pearly whites! 

Don’t let poking wires get you down!

If your wire is poking there are a few things you can do yourself to help! If the wire has simply shifted, simply use a pencil eraser to push the wire back into place. If your wire has come out of a bracket in the back and is not bothering you, you can leave as is until next appointment. If you feel the need to cut the wire, disinfect our clippers prior to cutting! There are many youtube videos on how to do this properly.

Loose brackets or bands

Broken brackets happen! Whether you were eating something crunchy, or you just noticed one has come unglued, don’t panic! If the bracket is not causing discomfort, you can leave it until you are able to book a convenient time to have it fixed. Place wax on the bracket if it is irritating your lip/cheek.

Lost separators

Before placing a fixed orthodontic appliance we must make space for bands to fit around teeth. We make space using little rubber bands called separators. If one of these falls out from between your teeth while you are on vacation, don’t worry! Simply give us a call to book an appointment as soon as you return to have them put back in. You can avoid losing separators by not flossing between the teeth on either side and by avoiding sticky foods.

Give your orthodontist a call

Dr. Emanuele and the team at Paradigm Orthodontics are always available to help you. If you need advice about how to keep your braces comfortable on vacation, call or email us. We are always eager to help our patients….even when they are poolside!

With those helpful tips, there’s no reason your braces need to distract you from getting some R&R with family and friends. We are always happy to answer any questions. Get in touch with us at , or give us a call at 902-292-0592.