Although the journey in braces is relatively short in the grand scheme of things, it can feel like a long road! No two mouths are the same, which also means that no two treatments are the same. Here are five ways you can help to make your treatment run as smoothly as possible and possibly even get your braces off early!

Wear those rubber bands like it’s your job!

Not only does orthodontic treatment straighten your teeth, it also (with the help of rubber bands) puts your bite into its ideal position. Although sometimes uncomfortable, rubber bands make a big difference in the way your newly positioned teeth mesh together. By wearing these EXACTLY as prescribed by your orthodontist, you can shave off precious time in your treatment, and get your braces off sooner!

Avoid broken brackets

Staying away from hard, crunchy and sticky foods may seem like a bummer, but they can easily cause your brackets to break. When a bracket becomes unglued, the tooth will no longer be moving with the other teeth attached to your wire. A bracket-less tooth will want to move back into its old position which means your orthodontist may have to backtrack to re-engage the tooth. Long story short, broken brackets mean slower progress and more time spent visiting your orthodontist.


Keep your appointments

A great way to keep that treatment timeline on track is by respecting the appointments you make! A few rescheduled appointments won’t affect your treatment too much, but consistently changing or missing your appointments will only add to the time your braces are on.


DIY – Don’t!

A recent trend shows children and teens attempting at home orthodontics. Whether it be rubber bands around your teeth to try and close spaces, or mail order orthodontic aligners, please stay away! Orthodontists are highly trained and require many MANY years of education to properly diagnose and treat patients. These Do-It-Yourself techniques can create major problems which could lead to serious damage to your beautiful smile and even LONGER treatment times to correct any damage done!


See an Orthodontist quickly if any issues arise

If you happen to have a bracket come off, or an issue with your appliance, please let your orthodontist know ASAP. Although not an emergency, getting your issues fixed quickly is important in sticking to your timeline!

But what if I have Invisalign?

You can do things to help too! Ideally, Invisalign aligners are to be worn 22 hours/day. Aligners should be removed ONLY to clean your teeth or to eat/drink. By sticking to these strict rules your teeth (and orthodontist) will thank you! Help your teeth “track” in your aligners by using chewies religiously and be sure to minimize rescheduling appointments. You may feel that jumping to your next set of aligners is a sure fire way to move those teeth at a more rapid pace – think again! Skipping or moving onto your next aligner too soon can result in ill fitting aligners, which can make your teeth move in unfavourable directions. Stick to the plan, it could pay off!

You might ask yourself why your teeth can’t be moved more quickly. Moving teeth too quickly can result in a lot of pain and in severe cases, permanent damage to your roots.Trust your orthodontist! Sit back and enjoy the ride, your treatment will be over before you know it! Being compliant and consistent with the suggestions listed above will be your best bet at getting your braces off early.

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