Congratulations! You’ve decided to take the first step and arrange an orthodontic consultation. There are many reasons why people of all ages seek out orthodontic treatment, including lack of self confidence, jaw pain, impacted teeth, and crowding. We work closely with dentists in the area and their patients to help find solutions for all of these problems and more!

Wether you are being referred from your general dentist or made the decision on your own, we cannot wait to help you achieve your perfect smile! Before any orthodontic treatment begins, a thorough evaluation will need to be completed. We call this evaluation an orthodontic consult, and at Paradigm Orthodontics they are completely FREE!

At Paradigm Orthodontics we allow ample time during your orthodontic consult for you to ask questions and really feel comfortable with the information being presented. It is also time for us to get to know YOU and to fully understand your goals and desired outcome. After all, every case and treatment plan is unique and tailored to our patient’s specific needs! You can expect your consult to last forty-five minutes to one hour.  

Let’s break down the flow of the appointment so you know exactly what to expect during your orthodontic consult: 

Intake Form

Once you arrive at our beautiful office, you will be greeted by Danielle, our office manager. You will be given a form to fill out with some information about yourself. Be sure to bring any insurance info you have with you and we may be able to check your coverage for you. In our waiting room we have iPads for your enjoyment as well as free wifi and refreshments! 

Clinical photos

Once your intake form is filled out, our dental hygienist Sarah will be taking a series of photos of your teeth and face. They will be entered into your chart and used as your “before” photos. Not only do these clinical photos serve as great comparison photos, but they help Dr. Emanuele put together a treatment plan that is tailored to you. After all, every mouth is unique!

Orthodontic X-Rays

Once all photos have been taken, we will take two X-rays. The particular X-rays that we take are used for diagnostic purposes and are not the same as routine bitewings taken at a general dentist’s office. At Paradigm Orthodontics we use low-radiation digital X-rays to ensure safety for our patient. Dr. Emanuele consults these images to diagnose any skeletal issues, impacted teeth or concerns that could affect orthodontic treatment. 

Consultation with Dr. Emanuele

Once all the records have been gathered, you will head into the consult room with Dr. Emanuele. He will describe your orthodontic condition and detail, and provide options for getting that smile you’ve always wanted. The orthodontic consult is the perfect time to ask Dr. Emanuele all of the questions you’ve been pondering and to find out more about what treatment options are appropriate for your case. During this time, topics like length of treatment, different braces/invisalign options and financial breakdowns will be discussed. 

What’s Next?

After your consultation, you will be able to book an appointment to start treatment. Be sure to take a look at our upcoming blog post “Getting braces – what to expect”!!! If there are any additional questions, feel free to call the office or Dr. Emanuele directly to discuss. If more time is needed you are welcome to book an additional appointment for further discussion. 

Give us a call at 902-406-2406, or visit us at to book you free orthodontic consultation! We can’t wait to hear from you.